A person's credit profile is being assessed periodically in a process called credit review. The people who can conduct credit reviews are creditors, settlement companies or credit counselors.

Creditors or entities generally conduct credit reviews in order to provide borrower with credit services. Usually, the information being used in a credit review is basing on a soft inquiry, and this does not have an effect on the credit score of the borrower.. 

In order to make sure that the account of the borrower continues to meet the credit product's standards, creditors may conduct a regular credit review. These reviews may also be referred to as account review inquiries or account monitoring. When there is an account review, the lender generally will obtain the information from a soft credit inquiry.

As part of the credit review, creditors would often request or ask from the borrower some personal information in relation with a credit review. Subsequently, these lenders could provide the borrower with a credit increase one the credit review is completed. Several lenders generally conduct a credit review of the borrower's account every six to twelve months in order to offer an increase of the borrower's credit limit. During the review of a credit limit increase, the lender will also require or look at the track record of a payment history that is excellent. Thus, many or most lenders will reward regularly these borrowers who have a payment history that is excellent by increasing their credit limit over the period. 

Know that there are several options for credit counseling services that borrowers can choose to have. These options are dependent and vary on the situation of the borrower, and usually would need a credit review in order to give the best advice. An example of credit counseling entity is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling which is available to give advice all kinds of borrowers for new credit, credit products, credit consolidation and credit settlement. In negotiating debt, there are settlement companies and personal credit lawyers that are also available to give support to borrowers. Discover more on this link: https://thecreditreview.com/credit-repair/reviews/the-credit-pros.

In the case of distressed borrowers, they will opt to work with a credit attorney to settle their debts or with a for profit settlement company. Either of them, a full credit review will be required from the borrower's complete credit profile so that they can give the best service to the borrower. All open accounts of the borrower will be reviewed by these settlement companies in order to see the potential for the settlement of debts. Further, these settlement companies usually deal with borrowers having several delinquencies and would ask the borrowers to stop payments of their debts so as to get an increased negotiating power. Borrowers may also be require borrowers to make a lesser monthly payment to an escrow account to comply a negotiated settlement payoff. Read more here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/neal-frankle/4-credit-fixes-that-actua_b_6686794.html.
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